Turn Around Time: 1-2 weeks(Groupbuy item varies). Free Shipping for USA



1. What does my order include?

All cables will be carefully packed and wrapped to ensure the cables are not damaged during shipping. They will be fully tested to ensure full functionality before shipping out.  And all cables will come with a free cable bite and custom stickers. 

2. Where is my order? When will I receive my cable? 

We have a turn around time of around 2 weeks. Turnaround time is abased on our production rate. Delays may happen due to supply shortages or other factors. We will announce any updates and delays through discord and email. If your cable has not been shipped well past the turnaround time, please contact us with your order number for help.

3. I have a general idea of what I want my cable to look like, but I am not sure how to order it, where can I get help?

You can join our discord and DM me with your idea, keycap set that you want to match. You can also look through our product page or Instagram to look at our past works for inspirations.

4. I have a high-power board, what length should I choose?

High power boards such as DROP ALT/CTRL, HHKB may require USB HUB for full functionality of the board. Recommended distance of cables for regular keyboards should NOT be longer than 6ft plus length of the coil. 

5. Can I make changes to my order?

It is best to contact us within 24 hours through discord or email, we can make changes to the order if we have not made the part that you want to change. Changes cannot be made when we have started or finished making your cable.

6. Will the cable I bought work with cables from other makers?

Maybe. We use 5 pin GX16 connectors as well as 4 pin push pull connectors. All cables are wired following 1  VCC, 2 – D-, 3 – D+, 4 – GND, if other cable makers use the same wiring rules then it will be compatible. ZUZU Cables will not be responsible for any damages cause by mixing cables made by different cable makers.

7. I have a paracord/Techflex in mind but I did not see the said color in the options, what do I do?

You can join our discord and DM me with the specific color in mind. We will first review the paracord and will list the color option onto the website once it is approved.

8. Why are the products out of stock? When can I order the cables? 

We will disable checkout when we reached capacity. You can join our discord sever in the time being and we will announce when the checkout is back up! 

9. Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship internationally. (excluding UK due to Brexit VAT) Due to pandemic, expect extended shipping times or delays for all international orders.


1. What is the best way to contact support?
Fastest and easiest way is through our Discord or through zuzucables@gmail.com.

2. What do I do if my cable doesn’t work?

We double-check and test every cable before shipping it out. If for any reason the cable does not work out of the box, let us know right away and we will give you a satisfied result.

3. Refund/Return/Warranties

Order can be canceled and refunded within 24 hours of ordering time, changes to the cable may be made if we haven’t started making your cable. As all cables are custom made to order, refunds will not be issued for other reasons. If the cable does not work out of the box, you must report the problem promptly and we will send you a return label. If we determine the cable to be defective, we will ship out a replacement cable once it arrives. All replacement cables will be identical to the original, no changes are allowed. Damages caused by opening the connectors or modifying the cables without authorization from us are NOT covered under our warranties. If you damaged your cable by modifying or opening the cable, we can help but you have to pay for the shipping for the repair. Thank you for your understanding.